Never Too Young to Prevent The Signs of Aging

March 18, 2011

Image Credit: joanna8555 via Flickr

Lately many women in their early 20’s to mid 30’s have been coming to me and asking me when they should start using anti-aging skincare products. My answer: it’s never too early to start a good skincare regimen. I believe that they key to achieving flawless skin is to keep a good balance of cleansers and toners. Everyone who wants to achieve flawless looking skin should keep a good balance of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, and if you get home late from a night out never forget to cleanse and moisturize because these are so important to maintain good skin.

Don’t use harsh, heavy cleansers that strip the skin. If you’re over the age of 15, use a gentle, effective cleanser, and a good moisturizer. Eye creams are also essential to beautiful looking skin; everyone should use one. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and should be moisturized just like the rest of the face.

In recent years the press has been fixated on the “who’s had botox?” question. On one hand I don’t think injectables should be used before 30, like many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag have been doing. However Botox can be preventative, and if you start using it before deep lines appear, it can eliminate the word wrinkles from your vocabulary. Botox does not distort your face, as some may believe; it simply smoothes out wrinkles and prevents you from getting them.

Luxury skincare brands such as LaPrairie and Crème de la Mer have great creams, however people tend to not use enough of the product because the product is so pricey. I tell my clients to put on their moisturizer as they would a mask. You can never have enough moisturizer on! I wouldn’t recommend the classic Crème de la Mer, however the lighter lotion works quite nicely

What are you doing to keep your skin youthful?


When You’ve Found ‘The One’ – SPLURGE!

February 21, 2011

With the winter weighing down on your skin, any gorgeous person could feel gray and dull. That’s why we can turn to skincare and makeup items to give our winter-blah skin a little boost. The question though is what exactly is worth the splurge? There are so many items that claim they can help your skin, but no one’s got all that money to splurge on every single beauty item. So, I’ve come up with two of the most important items you should splurge on this winter.

For skincare, I can’t stress enough how important eye cream is. Eye cream is often overlooked because no one thinks about how delicate the skin around our eyes is. The skin around our eyes is thin and tends to get dehydrated the easiest during the wintertime, that’s why our eyes end up with wrinkles first. You wouldn’t want to enter the spring with wrinkles around your eyes, right? Splurge on a great eye cream to keep moisture in place and fight off wrinkles. I recommend Origin’s Youthtopia or Philosophy’s Miracle Worker for great hydration and anti-aging effects. Use the eye cream between eyes, on the eyelids and under the eye as well.

For makeup, I’m obsessed with Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid in the shade sunkissed. This product is great because you can wear it in so many ways. You could mix it with foundation to add extra shimmer and color without it being too much, you could mix it with moisturizer for a sun-kissed dewy look, or you could simply use it on your cheeks for a glow that doesn’t look fake. This product with give your skin a boost and look like it’s not being weighed down by the weather.

These two items can help enhance your natural beauty, but the real key to having great skin is to have a professional peel. A professional peel will help remove all the dirt and roughness from your skin to reveal a shining new you. What beauty products have you splurged on recently?

Skincare Without the Parabens

November 18, 2009

Clear Skin

One of my models sporting a timeless look: youthful, hydrated skin.

As an esthetician I believe that appropriate skincare is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your beautiful look.  That is why I have developed three of my very own, original products that do not have any preservatives or parabens. Here are some of the highlights of each of my three products:

  • Dew-Maker: This product is your everyday moisturizer for the winter.  It has various essential oils that work to hydrate and fix your skin while also keeping you from breaking out.  These essential oils include: lemon and orange which brighten the skin and have an antibacterial agent, and carrot seed which fights wrinkles.  This is easy to use, just shake well and apply!
  • Smooth-Over: This anti-aging serum also has various essential oils that fight off wrinkles.  Some of the top oils in this serum include: borage, evening primrose, and Vitamin E.  This product with leave your skin not only hydrated but incredibly smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Eye-Candy: A roller-applicator, this product should be applied right around the eyes to keep skin fresh and smooth.  This product uses geranium and carrot seed which work to fight wrinkles and lines around the eyes such as crow’s feet.

As you can tell skin hydration is vital to fighting off wrinkles and keeping your skin looking as fresh as possible and with these three products you can do just that.  Feel free to let me know if you have questions about my products and/or their availability!