Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

December 2, 2010

Image credit: hiltonsandestin via Flickr

The weather is changing and we all know the wind here in New England can easily dry our skin out. People think we break out because we have too much oil on our skin. Sometimes it’s because we don’t have enough. Our skin naturally secretes oils, and when our skin becomes dry, we break out from not hydrating enough.

We all should use oils and moisturize every day, especially those of us over thirty. I created a product to use called Smoothover. It helps eliminate wrinkles and makes skin look youthful!  Also, I love Patricia Wexler’s 3-in-1 eye cream from Bath and Body Works, it helps to lift and firm skin while keeping It hydrated and soft.

A key ingredient to keep in mind when looking for a moisturizer is vitamin E oil. Also, if you have sensitive skin cetaphil is something you want to look for in a moisturizing product. Cetaphil is perfect for skin of all types, dry, oily, and combination. When buying a moisturizer, watch out for other ingredients like parabens, and make sure it is preservative free. My favorite product can be found at Whole Foods and is called Dr. Hauschka. Their line stresses the importance of preservative free products.

One thing many of us do when applying moisturizer is put it onto our hands, rub our hands together and then apply the moisturizer to our face. When we do this, though, the good moisture and ingredients are being applied to our hands instead of our face, which is where it should be. What you want to do instead is apply some to the back of your hand, pat it on your face like a mask and let the moisture soak in.

Other things to consider helping your moisturizer fulfill its potential are changes in daily habits. For example, caffeine dehydrates the skin and body, so cutting back on the coffee and increasing your water intake will help your skin look fresh and energized. What are you doing to help keep your skin looking youthful?



Tinted Moisturizer: The Real Foundation for Beautiful Skin

April 30, 2010

By Manuel_Marin

Does your foundation make your skin look like this? If so, you're overdoing it.

For some reason, women think that foundation is necessary for everyday makeup use. This may seem radical but to achieve your best looking skin I only have one tip for using foundation: skip it! I always tell my friends and clients alike to never wear foundation, and most of them are shocked that I’m telling them to leave behind a staple of their makeup bag. It’s just not worth the hassle at the end of the day.

The main reason why I don’t like foundation is that it causes breakouts. Even those foundations that promise that they won’t clog pores still can. Additionally, many women just don’t use it correctly. They pick colors that aren’t right, put it on too thickly and leave those dreaded lines framing their face. Foundation gives you that heavy, made-up look. Wouldn’t you rather look natural?

Some of you might be wondering at this point, “Well I don’t want to look washed out. How do I do that without foundation?” There are many ways you can get some more color into your face without slapping on the foundation. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF of at least 15. It’s a great way to give your skin the necessary protection it needs. As I’ve mentioned before, not wearing SPF everyday can cause premature wrinkling and discoloration. Tinted moisturizer also gives your skin that fresh, dewy look and glow. You’ll look amazing all day! As I’ve said before, Dr. Hauschka’s tone cream is one of my favorites. Although it doesn’t have SPF, it’s a great way to get that natural, light and long-lasting dewy glow. Another favorite of mine is MAC’s Moisture Tint. This product gives you your daily dose of SPF 15 while keeping you looking fresh and natural. To top it off, why not brush some bronzer onto your cheeks? It enhances the natural glow of your tinted moisturizer perfectly!

Ditching the foundation for some skin-nourishing tinted moisturizer is the first step to feeling comfortable in your skin – naturally, of course! Give these tips a try, and I promise you’ll never miss that heavy foundation.