A Day for Beauty After a Night of Mayhem

November 12, 2009


A laid-back look after a hectic night. (Photo credit: McKenzie Lawton)

For most people, the day after Halloween isn’t as fun as the night before. People everywhere are tired from a full night of frights and fun – definitely not a day to feel beautiful. This year I decided to do things a bit differently. My marketing team and I organized a photo shoot to show off different makeup styles in my studio in a casual, lighthearted atmosphere.

For this photo shoot I demonstrated a runway look, a natural look, a bridal look and date-night look. We originally had three models and two volunteers to get their eyebrows done. After one team member got her eyebrows done, however, I just had to do her makeup too! The runway look had a bold, bright red lip and a strong eye. The natural look had earthy, rich tones and a neutral lip. The bridal look was soft, with a gorgeous pink lip. Finally, the date-night look had a smokey eye for sultry pink lips.

During the day we took a lunch break for some Boloco while listening to We Are Scientists, from my personal music collection, and having a great chat. I even gave out some little makeup and skin care tips to the ladies. We did all of the shots inside my studio in the light of the setting sun. In one word, it was glamorous.

I’m so thankful to everyone that helped out that day and I can’t wait for all of you to see the official photos. Let me know what you think about the behind-the-scene shots and stay tuned for the finished product!