Skincare Without the Parabens

November 18, 2009

Clear Skin

One of my models sporting a timeless look: youthful, hydrated skin.

As an esthetician I believe that appropriate skincare is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your beautiful look.  That is why I have developed three of my very own, original products that do not have any preservatives or parabens. Here are some of the highlights of each of my three products:

  • Dew-Maker: This product is your everyday moisturizer for the winter.  It has various essential oils that work to hydrate and fix your skin while also keeping you from breaking out.  These essential oils include: lemon and orange which brighten the skin and have an antibacterial agent, and carrot seed which fights wrinkles.  This is easy to use, just shake well and apply!
  • Smooth-Over: This anti-aging serum also has various essential oils that fight off wrinkles.  Some of the top oils in this serum include: borage, evening primrose, and Vitamin E.  This product with leave your skin not only hydrated but incredibly smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Eye-Candy: A roller-applicator, this product should be applied right around the eyes to keep skin fresh and smooth.  This product uses geranium and carrot seed which work to fight wrinkles and lines around the eyes such as crow’s feet.

As you can tell skin hydration is vital to fighting off wrinkles and keeping your skin looking as fresh as possible and with these three products you can do just that.  Feel free to let me know if you have questions about my products and/or their availability!