Multitasking Makeup

April 12, 2010

Robin says this product can do double duty.

We’ve all been in this situation before: you go out with your friends one night, intending to go home, but wind up staying out later than expected. You crash at someone else’s place, and when it comes time to leave the next morning, you realize that you only have whatever makeup you packed in your purse the night before. You want to go on with your day, but how do you look fresh if the only product you have in your purse is lipstick? When this happens, you definitely have to get a little creative. I have a few products that I keep at hand at all times for just this scenario, as well as some tips that will transform your look from walk of shame to runway-fab.

Lips and Cheeks:

Products for your lips and cheeks can often be used interchangeably. I love to use Tarte‘s Green Siren all-natural cheek stain in all different places. It gives my cheeks a rosy glow, but I can also put it on my lips for some long-lasting color, or on my eyes for a shimmery, avant-garde look. On the flip side, I often use my home made lipsticks on my cheeks. The creamy texture of the lipstick is easier to blend and more natural looking than a powder blush, and it’s so easy to do in a pinch!

Brows and Lashes:

Your mascara can do double duty, too. Now that you know which mascaras I recommend, go ahead and use them to clean up your brows as well! If you lightly brush mascara on your eyebrows, you can keep them neat and give them some dramatic color that will help define your eyes.

A lipstick or cheek stain and some mascara are really all you need to look fresh-faced when you’re makeup resources are running low, so keep these products in your purse at all times! Do you have a favorite, multitasking product? Let me know in the comments!