All About Aromatherapy

July 20, 2011

Lately, I’ve been really into relaxation and the different effects scents can have on us. Aromatherapy is great because it uses essential oils from plants to benefit the human mind, body, and spirit.

Bath & Body Works has a really yummy body wash that’s inexpensive and smells amazing! It’s called Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief body lotion. The eucalyptus and spearmint scent is clean, invigorating, and kind of gives me a boost. It’s also really hydrating! Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line is really nice and I recommend it.

There’s this amazing French line called Darphin that has a great Organic Aromatic Care line. It’s a little pricey but has amazing results. Right now I’m using the Organic Jasmine Aromatic Care and it is amazing. They also have Organic Rose Aromatic Care, which is really good for sensitive skin, and the 8-Flower Aromatic Care is really yummy. The Organic Tangerine Aromatic Care works really well to brighten skin. I make my own line of skin oils similar to these, but Darphin is nice if you can’t come to me. I love these oils though; they’re very yummy!

When applying an aromatic care product, apply 5 drops of oil to the face and neck with circular motions from the inner to the outer part of the face. Then follow with the appropriate cream or fluid.

My other favorite hydrating product is the High Shine Hydrating Gloss Stick. It’s produced by Jemma Kidd, a makeup artist who started her own small line! The gloss is in lipstick form and is SPF 15, which is great for the sun in the summer! My favorite shade is Paradise, a beautiful sheer, apricot color.

I also have two new eyeshadows everybody should try! They’re Rule and Coppering by MAC. Rule looks bright orange, but when it’s applied to the lid it’s a burnt apricot shade. It looks really cool and definitely makes the eyes pop! My favorite thing to do with Coppering is put it on top of and under my lid and smudge it, it gives it a really cool look.

Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Tint Balm is great because it gives the skin a nice dewy look, and L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara is great because it makes the lashes look so long and beautiful. These two are always on my favorites list. Go check them out if you haven’t already!


Robin’s Spring ’11 Favorites

March 25, 2011

Image credit: vidrio via Flickr

Spring is here and I have recently found some great products for you all to try! They are all great for spring and can help you transition into summer as well. The colors of the products will definitely add a ‘pop’ to any outfit and will look great with any skin tone.

I have a new favorite lipstick that’s a very different look, but it looks GREAT on everybody. It’s MAC’s So Chaud (meaning ‘so hot’ en francais). It’s a matte coral-orange color and looks amazing no matter what your skin tone is. It’s a perfect complement to the spring weather and definitely worth a try. The summer version of this color is MAC’s Ruby Woo, which also looks fabulous on everybody, no matter what.

There is a nail color that looks great with the MAC So Chaud and Ruby Woo by OPI. It’s called Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.  It’s almost a bright orange color, but looks so good especially with the MAC lipstick to match. I like OPI because they have a great laquer, they always get it, and they’re usually the ones to start the trends.

Next, to help prevent sun damage and keep skin hydrated, I strongly recommend Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Tint Balm. It is SPF 25 to help you prevent damage by the sun when you’re walking to work or at the park with the kids, anywhere outside while enjoying the beautiful weather. The Moisture Tint Balm makes your skin look so dewy, but don’t be afraid of it! There is no heaviness to it. It will make your skin look beautiful and perfect; everybody has to run out and get this product.

Something that is always on my favorites list is L’Orèal’s Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black. It makes the lashes really dark and long which is always in style. It adds intense length and also features lash by lash separation. Don’t forget when applying mascara, wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes upward to create the illusion of length, and separate each lash.

Finally, my favorite scent for spring is Serge Luten’s Louve Eau de Parfum. It’s an amber fragrance with a really warm, sweet, and sexy scent. You can find it at Barney’s and Bloomingdales, but a less expensive version can be found at Whole Foods. It’s an oil by Kuumba Made called Amber Paste. Some people find perfumes to be overpowering sometimes, but oils are a lot warmer than a harsh perfume and last on your skin longer.

What are some your favorite products for spring?

How to Keep a Warm Glow in the Cold Seasons

March 8, 2011


Image credit: tata_aka_T via Flickr

Everybody loves how the look and feel after a relaxing day in the summer. The way it feels to lay outside in the sun all day, getting some nice color, relaxing and clearing the mind of our weekly stressors. When the winter months come though, the gorgeous glow of our tan is gone and we patiently wait for the summer weather to come again. Here are some tips to keep that warm summer glow, even in the winter season.

  • The main thing I stress to everybody is to get a good peel. You have to get rid of the dead skin and start fresh. After the skin peel, use vitamin E. Vitamin E keeps the skin looking nice and dewy. This is because it helps maintain the skins oil balance during the cleansing process and reduces water loss from skin. It also has other benefits to the skin like reducing the appearance of stretch marks and preventing age spots.
  • I also recommend using Chanel’s Pro Lumière. Put it all over and it will give you a little glow. Some people like to use a little more bronzer in the winter, but be careful how much you apply because it can look noticeable at times.
  • Another way to get nice color in winter is with a good airbrush tan. You typically want to avoid airbrush booths, but the only one I recommend is at Glow on Newbury. It’s the Californication booth. If you can, though, definitely have someone airbrush you. Have them stay away from your hands and feet, and avoid water entirely for four hours after the session.
  • Never ever go to a UV bulb tanning booth! Tanned skin is damaged skin, because the body is producing Melanin to protect itself from the UV rays. The rays can also cause premature wrinkling and skin rashes on top of rough, dry skin. Some people also experience hives after using a tanning bed. It is estimated that one million people are diagnosed with the skin cancer Melanoma annually, one of the main culprits are tanning beds. Not only can they cause skin cancer, but they can cause retinal damage and cataracts, too.

If you stick with a good facial peel, vitamin E, Chanel’s Pro Lumière, and a few visits to get a great airbrush tan, you can create a healthy glow in winter! What are your tips to looking great in the winter?

Washed Out Oscars

March 1, 2011

Image Credit: Dave_B_ via Flickr

On Sunday, February 27th, stars flooded the red carpet for the Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre. Starlets and heartthrobs glided across the crowed carpet as thousands of light bulbs and cameras shined on their faces. The notorious Fashion Police seemed to be handing out compliments like free mints. As per usual, stars such as Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson received expected praise. This year, I’m not as generous as the “Fashion Police.”  The gowns were gorgeous and perfect for the Academy Awards, but starlets seemed to have forgotten completely about their make-up. The red carpet was underwhelming.

Natalie Portman, Helena Bonham Carter, Melissa Leo and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few stars whose make up artists were completely negligent to the important blend that is dress and cosmetics. These stars seemed to try and achieve a “natural” look, but rather achieved a washed out look. Some celebrities looked like they weren’t even wearing makeup. The gowns that were modeled on the red carpet consisted of bright, radiant colors and patterns but the make up didn’t seem to match the beauty.

The number one mistake made by women while putting on makeup for an formal event (whether it be a wedding, prom or the Academy Awards) is that they put on their makeup before putting on the gown. Anyone can look good wearing jeans and a T-shirt sitting in a salon chair, but once that gown is on; you run the risk of washing yourself out.

I suggest, for any formal event, pick a focal area. This technique helps downplay or exaggerate certain features.  For example, if you want to have natural lips use dark and shadowy eyes or a light bronzer to add that needed flair. celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway complimented their fire red dresses with bright red lips. The torch needs to be carried somewhere. Minimal lipstick and eyes portrays the idea that you do not care. Having high pigment on your lips or eyes is crucial for achieving this formal look. Do not try to achieve both intense eyes and dramatic lips because the two techniques will clash. If you are willing to splurge for your special event, Chanel and Yves St. Laurent are the best investment.

The attempt at “natural hair” also hurt the celebrities’ overall looks. Scarlett Johansson walked the red carpet with hair that looked like she had just left the beach. It is a formal event. There is no way to be “super natural” at these types of events. You need the additional makeup to stand out and achieve the perfect blend. What was your favorite look at the Oscars this year?

Brides Under the Flash Lights

November 28, 2010

Some of you might remember last year’s post-Halloween photo shoot. This year, I decided to do something even more exciting: a bridal photo shoot! On November 7th, my marketing team and I gathered in my Newbury Street studio for what turned out to be a very fun day. The photographers, Ben and Kyle, moved the place around and took gorgeous pictures with the windows in the background. The superstar of the day was surely my dog Bella, who took a pleasure in posing and adding her charm to all of the pictures.

I created a diversity of bridal looks. Each of them blended with a specific skin type, hair color and suggested different personalities.

  • First, I gave Yelana a natural, fresh and dewy bridal look, which matched her bohemian styled red hair
  • Sydney had a dramatic bridal look, which I achieved with smokey, shimmery eyeshadow and glossy brown lipstick.
  • With Sam I created a bronze toned bridal look to match her dirty blond hair. I used shadows of bronze and gold to create a beautiful sparkly appearance.
  • Finally, Melissa had the bridesmaid look. I emphasized her eyes makeup by making them smokey in the corners and peachy in the insides. To match her eyes, I used a soft orange tone for her lips.

The whole afternoon was a mix of bridal poses and flashing lights that I often interrupted for makeup adjustments, all to the sounds of Mike Snow and Lupe Fiasco‘s electronic music and Shad‘s rap songs.

A big “thank you” to all of those who helped out! Official pictures will soon be available on my website. Until then, check out the behind-the-scene pictures and tell me what your favorite brides look is! Which one would you prefer to be?

Hair Dresser: Nancy V. Brown
Models: Yelana Loiselle, Sydney Epstein, Sam Gold, Melissa Boss.
Photographers: Benjamin Askinas, Kyle Beiermeister.

Spring In To Color

May 5, 2010
Credit: *Debs* via Flickr

Yellow eyeshadow? Work it with Robin's tips.

Now that it’s April, it’s time to jump into bright spring colors like shocking pink, lime green, and electric blue. According to spring 2010 fashion trends, these wonderful Easter egg colors are hot on the runway, and will definitely be adorable to wear on sunny spring days.

I love color, and I’m always excited about working colors other than the usual grays and browns into makeup, but when working with color it’s always important to do it right so you won’t end up looking like a clown. Here’s the Robin Erb guide to staying cute with color:

  • When looking for a bright colored eyeshadow, go for Loreal’s HiP Studio Secrets Proffesional Shocking Shadow Pigments. These shadows create beautiful, rich color with loose powder and come in 12 eye-popping shades. The bright colors look wonderful and stay on forever. White and gold tones can be used as highlighters to go under eyebrows and on top of cheek bones to really make bright eyeshadows pop!
  • Use peaches, pinks, and coral blushes on your cheeks as well as your eyes along with sheer colored lip gloss for a polished but playful spring look.
  • Wearing black eyeliner (not too much) on the inside of your eyes with dark mascara will let you get away with any bright color.
  • When you’ve already got a bright eyeshadow on, just do sheer gloss with a little tint of pink or peach on your lips. Or you could go for a matte lipstick in nude, peach or pink. I love Revlon’s Matte Lipsticks in Pink Pout and Nude Attitude.

Try some of these tips out and tell me what you think! Better yet, let me know how you wear these fun, spring colors.

Multitasking Makeup

April 12, 2010

Robin says this product can do double duty.

We’ve all been in this situation before: you go out with your friends one night, intending to go home, but wind up staying out later than expected. You crash at someone else’s place, and when it comes time to leave the next morning, you realize that you only have whatever makeup you packed in your purse the night before. You want to go on with your day, but how do you look fresh if the only product you have in your purse is lipstick? When this happens, you definitely have to get a little creative. I have a few products that I keep at hand at all times for just this scenario, as well as some tips that will transform your look from walk of shame to runway-fab.

Lips and Cheeks:

Products for your lips and cheeks can often be used interchangeably. I love to use Tarte‘s Green Siren all-natural cheek stain in all different places. It gives my cheeks a rosy glow, but I can also put it on my lips for some long-lasting color, or on my eyes for a shimmery, avant-garde look. On the flip side, I often use my home made lipsticks on my cheeks. The creamy texture of the lipstick is easier to blend and more natural looking than a powder blush, and it’s so easy to do in a pinch!

Brows and Lashes:

Your mascara can do double duty, too. Now that you know which mascaras I recommend, go ahead and use them to clean up your brows as well! If you lightly brush mascara on your eyebrows, you can keep them neat and give them some dramatic color that will help define your eyes.

A lipstick or cheek stain and some mascara are really all you need to look fresh-faced when you’re makeup resources are running low, so keep these products in your purse at all times! Do you have a favorite, multitasking product? Let me know in the comments!