Robin’s Spring ’11 Favorites

March 25, 2011

Image credit: vidrio via Flickr

Spring is here and I have recently found some great products for you all to try! They are all great for spring and can help you transition into summer as well. The colors of the products will definitely add a ‘pop’ to any outfit and will look great with any skin tone.

I have a new favorite lipstick that’s a very different look, but it looks GREAT on everybody. It’s MAC’s So Chaud (meaning ‘so hot’ en francais). It’s a matte coral-orange color and looks amazing no matter what your skin tone is. It’s a perfect complement to the spring weather and definitely worth a try. The summer version of this color is MAC’s Ruby Woo, which also looks fabulous on everybody, no matter what.

There is a nail color that looks great with the MAC So Chaud and Ruby Woo by OPI. It’s called Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.  It’s almost a bright orange color, but looks so good especially with the MAC lipstick to match. I like OPI because they have a great laquer, they always get it, and they’re usually the ones to start the trends.

Next, to help prevent sun damage and keep skin hydrated, I strongly recommend Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Tint Balm. It is SPF 25 to help you prevent damage by the sun when you’re walking to work or at the park with the kids, anywhere outside while enjoying the beautiful weather. The Moisture Tint Balm makes your skin look so dewy, but don’t be afraid of it! There is no heaviness to it. It will make your skin look beautiful and perfect; everybody has to run out and get this product.

Something that is always on my favorites list is L’Orèal’s Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black. It makes the lashes really dark and long which is always in style. It adds intense length and also features lash by lash separation. Don’t forget when applying mascara, wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes upward to create the illusion of length, and separate each lash.

Finally, my favorite scent for spring is Serge Luten’s Louve Eau de Parfum. It’s an amber fragrance with a really warm, sweet, and sexy scent. You can find it at Barney’s and Bloomingdales, but a less expensive version can be found at Whole Foods. It’s an oil by Kuumba Made called Amber Paste. Some people find perfumes to be overpowering sometimes, but oils are a lot warmer than a harsh perfume and last on your skin longer.

What are some your favorite products for spring?


Bringing Back the 20’s: Lipstick Edition

October 29, 2010

Image credit: Athena's Pix via Flickr

This fall, get ready to fasten your seat belts because fashion is taking a trip back to the 1920’s! This season, beauty stores like M.A.C, Chanel, and Covergirl are putting on their palettes lipstick colors ranging from hot red to deep, dark brown. This season is a modern day reminiscence of a period when the trend was very dark, wild, expressive colors. Add personality to your makeup by using either deep brown lipstick or other dark colors with shades of brown or purple. To match your wild lips, create a smoky, mysterious look by using dark eyeshadow.

However, for those of you who prefer wearing natural colors, and might be a little reluctant to try the deep dark trend, there is good news! This season, nude lips are also on top. Next to three different types of red lipstick colors, Chanel is presenting its “Soins Tendres Lèvres“, which is a pale beige, creamy hydra-treatment lip care. Wearing nude makeup is a good way of looking naturally beautiful. Articles on and explore this amazing Dark vs. Nude fall theme.

For those of you who do not find themselves in any of these categories, don’t panic. I recommend dusty, brownish pink colors. I always use these colors on brides because they’re universal and match all skin color. Anyone can look gorgeous wearing them.

If you want your lipstick to last longer, here is my tip: use lip liner to fill in your lips, before applying the lipstick. This way, when your lipstick fades away, your lip liner’s color stays. Nude liner is great to use with any color of lipstick. Whether you are going along with the deep dark fall trend or using nude natural colors, you will have the stick that you need for your lipstick to stay longer.

What is your favorite lipstick color this fall? Leave us a comment with some of your fall tips!

Trick or Treat Your Lips!

October 22, 2010

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Healthy lips are important all year round, but now more so than ever! Winter is coming, and it will bring cold winds and harsh dry air. Keeping your lips protected through the cold winter months will definitely give you something to smile about!

I have tried my share of lip products, from chapstick, to lip stick, to sparkly gloss. However, most of these prove to be problematic. Not only are chapsticks habit forming, many of them contain addicting agents, so your lips are constantly in need of moistening. Though M.A.C lipsticks work well for me, most other lipsticks tend to dry out my lips. And sparkly glosses are also damaging for me. It’s safe to say I’ve tried everything on the market, but the product that has held true for me is Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh. It’s perfect for daily use, it doesn’t need to be reapplied needlessly, and it contains SPF 15, a very crucial aspect of lip care. I prefer the original lip treatment, but it is also available in tinted colors.

Exfoliating your skin can be very refreshing, but over exfoliating the lips can actually dry them out. There are treatments created solely for the lips, with gentle ingredients. Believe it or not, Mary Kay makes a lip exfoliate & hydrator set, which works wonderfully! Satin Lips by Mary Kay is the only exfoliate product I’ve found that doesn’t dry out my lips.

Try out some of these products and make sure to take care of those lips! They say a lot!