Every Girl Wants to be a Size XL… in Lash Length

November 3, 2009

Before:                                            After:

Lash Extensions Before/After

Photo: Vanity Rocks

How do celebrities such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez get their eyelashes to extend to the heavens? Hint: the answer is in the question.

Eyelash extensions are sported by many of Hollywood’s leading ladies, but not exclusively. Eyelash extensions are available at many salons and spas, mine included. Eyelash extensions actually lengthen lashes, eliminating the need for mascara and other eye makeup for up to a month.

By using a premium medical adhesive, each individual lash is carefully bonded to one of your natural eyelashes, with a half or full sized lash. After the lashes have been applied, I apply a sealant that helps the lashes last longer. This process takes me somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half, and is available starting at $100.

Help keep your extensions longer by avoiding direct contact with water and oil, because they weaken the bond between the extension and your natural lash. Instead of splashing water on your face, use facial wipes to keep from washing away your extensions. After a couple of weeks, I suggest getting a lash fill-in, which only takes about 35 minutes.

I recommend eyelash extensions to women of all ages, because it’s a safe way to lengthen your lashes. New products that stimulate lash growth have terrible side effects that can permanently damage your eyes or the skin around them. Don’t risk your baby blues for longer lashes, and with extensions, you don’t have to.