Healthy Skin for the Holidays

November 7, 2011

Photo courtesy itswendalynn

As any skincare diva knows, healthy skin is a must-have for any look, and as the winter months head our way make sure you not only bundle up, but focus on refreshing your skin with the dry winter weather. Freshly fallen snow is gorgeous- but the weather that comes with it really does a number on your skin. The winter months can make even the softest and most hydrated skin dry and uncomfortable. During these chilly months, I always use Extreme Barrier Cream by Epionce– it works better for dry and itchy skin than anything else I’ve ever tried- I suggest it to clients with the most sensitive skin. Cuddle up to the fire with some delicious hot cocoa and read this advice from yours truly, Robin Erb!

One of my favorite products is our own home-made Robin Erb oil smooth-over. The combination of essential oils, natural herbs, and Vitamin E will not only keep your skin healthy and fresh, but also smells amazing! It always leaves my skin feeling refreshed. In addition to healing your dry skin, my exclusive smooth-over also helps hide those sneaky signs of aging like dark under-eye circles and wrinkles. Now you can stay up for New Years and look surprisingly refreshed the next morning!

Another thing that is hard to hide in the winter (aside from Christmas presents) are those bumps on the back of your arms. So many women have this but don’t do anything about it because they don’t know how easy it is to fix. There’s a small, fool-proof solution to this common problem that’s big in name and results; Kerotosis Pilaris lotion. It works wonders and my spa guests adore it! So come visit me, follow my twitter @RobinErb, and get glamorous just in time for he holiday season!


Getting Ready for the Holidays, Robin Erb Style

December 14, 2009

Prepping Tiffany of Boston Fab for her night on the town!

The holidays are a time for celebration with your friends and family. This year on December 11th, I had a a small get together at my studio on Newbury Street. I invited local bloggers and my marketing team. We all snacked on hummus, cheese and gorgeous desserts from Finale.

One blogger who came was Tiffany from Boston Fab. She blogs about everything fabulous in Boston from events to parties to fashion shows, all while critiquing the unworthy along the way. After she had something to eat and drink, I just knew that I had to do her makeup. She admitted to not normally wearing a lot of makeup during the day, but wearing a lot before going out. I decided to give her a gorgeous night look that she could also tone down for the day. I gave her a glossy pink lip with a bright natural eye. She looked beautiful and ready for the holidays!

I also worked on the eyebrows of a few people on my marketing team, including ValerieMariel and Jeannie. One of the members of my blog team, Vicky came up to me and admitted that after learning about the perfect red lip from me, she had to try the look! I gave her a bright matte red lip and she looked absolutely stunning.

While we all sipped on wine and listened to holiday tunes, everyone talked about their holiday plans. Overall, I would say the night was quite successful. I had the opportunity to spend time with old friends and even make new ones. It was a great way to start off the holiday season and I hope that this will eventually become an annual event. For more pictures visit my fan photos on Facebook!