Be Skin-Ready for Your Big Day

November 5, 2010

Image Credit: Lauren Gaba

Every bride wants to be the center of attention on the day of her wedding. However, can your skin handle the attention?

There is nothing worse than a bride with bad skin! And that is why I have a great series of treatments that will prepare your skin for the big day.

How long does it take?
The key to a beautiful looking skin is hydration, and it takes time. Brides should start their skincare regime at least eight weeks before the wedding. The best way to get the desired results is to have the treatment done every two to three weeks.

What is it?
My treatments consist of a non-invasive procedure that moisturizes your skin, and gets rid of all the dead skin cells. It involves the use of different natural enzymes and collagen that will give your skin the glowing and beautiful look you have always dreamed of.

What products are used?
These treatments incorporate my very own, original product: the Dew- Maker. It keeps your skin silky and extremely hydrated.  Its various essential oils from lemon, orange, and carrot seeds keep your skin smooth, bright, and free from breakouts.

I also advice my clients to moisturize at night, and use a collagen mask once a week in between treatments to get rid of wrinkles and lines.

Finishing touch:
To make sure my brides look great on their wedding day, I finish up with a natural and beautiful looking makeup.

The result: a flawless looking bride, with even more flawless looking skin! So brides, how are getting ready for the big day?


Trick or Treat Your Lips!

October 22, 2010

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Healthy lips are important all year round, but now more so than ever! Winter is coming, and it will bring cold winds and harsh dry air. Keeping your lips protected through the cold winter months will definitely give you something to smile about!

I have tried my share of lip products, from chapstick, to lip stick, to sparkly gloss. However, most of these prove to be problematic. Not only are chapsticks habit forming, many of them contain addicting agents, so your lips are constantly in need of moistening. Though M.A.C lipsticks work well for me, most other lipsticks tend to dry out my lips. And sparkly glosses are also damaging for me. It’s safe to say I’ve tried everything on the market, but the product that has held true for me is Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh. It’s perfect for daily use, it doesn’t need to be reapplied needlessly, and it contains SPF 15, a very crucial aspect of lip care. I prefer the original lip treatment, but it is also available in tinted colors.

Exfoliating your skin can be very refreshing, but over exfoliating the lips can actually dry them out. There are treatments created solely for the lips, with gentle ingredients. Believe it or not, Mary Kay makes a lip exfoliate & hydrator set, which works wonderfully! Satin Lips by Mary Kay is the only exfoliate product I’ve found that doesn’t dry out my lips.

Try out some of these products and make sure to take care of those lips! They say a lot!

Exfoliating the Right Way

October 15, 2010

(Image Credit: LukaIsntLuka via Flickr)

Everyone has had days when they feel that their skin is dull, grayish, rough and overly dry. So what do we usually do? Exfoliate our skin! Here’s the problem though – most women rely on scrubs instead of professional exfoliations. Scrubs seem more convenient and cheaper, but in the long run using a scrub on your skin is like rubbing it against sand paper; it only makes your skin rougher and strips away vital nutrients.

That’s why I recommend exfoliations to be done professionally every 4 – 6 weeks. I work with fifteen different types of peels, from enzyme to chemical peels that range from mild to strong. It is extremely important that you start with a mild peel if it’s your first time and slowly build up from that. My peels not only take away dead skin and rejuvenates new skin, but also help to get rid of acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

If you really don’t have time for a professional peel, the only product I recommend on the market is Dermalogica Microfoliant. It’s a rice-based formula that exfoliates your skin and should be used every other week. Always remember to follow exfoliations by hydrating your skin. Vitamin-E oil is a girl’s best friend for keeping away wrinkles and balancing skin.

I can’t stress more about how important it is to exfoliate your skin the correct way, and I encourage everyone to try a professional peel at least once just so you see the difference! What exfoliation products are you currently using?