Robin’s Secrets to a Smokey Eye

December 1, 2009

Smokey eyes — Robin Erb style

The smokey eye is a classic look that many women try to emulate. However, I have found that often times women don’t understand exactly the way to go about it. Before you even start, it is important to understand one word: blend. That is absolutely crucial when it comes to creating a sexy, smokey eye.

First do your eyes. Many women will do their foundation first, but since you use such intense and dark colors when doing a smokey eye, the eyeshadow often get can all over your face. Once you’re done with your eyes, brush off the excess shadow with a brush and do your foundation.

  1. The first step is to apply your color from the lid up into your crease and blend. Also, smudge your smokey color under your eye as well. I prefer to use high pigment colors like Makeup Forever’s Purple 92 Eyeshadow or deep greys, browns and blacks, but this look can be pulled off with almost any color.
  2. Next, right under your brow, brush a highlighter.
  3. Continue with eye liner inside the lids rather than on top. I have found that Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero works best.
  4. Finish the look off with tons of mascara.

When you do a smokey eye at home you can’t forget about equipment. I really like the MAC 242 Shader Brush for blending. They also offer a tapered blending brush that works really well. After you’re done with your eye and your foundation is done, many people like to go with a nude or glossy lip, unless you’re going for the “goth chic” look as I call it with a dark lip.

When it comes to a smokey eye, practice makes perfect. I recommend taking lessons with me at my studio if you want to know how to perfect the look.


Eyebrows: A DIY Danger (Getting Good Brows isn’t Tweezy)

November 25, 2009

Photo credit: vmiramontes via Flickr

This girl is in for a DIY disaster!

To get the perfect pair of eyebrows, I’ll offer you this advice: don’t do them yourself! The shape of your brows has a dramatic affect on your facial appearance, so it’s important to get them right. Achieving symmetrical eyebrows is a difficult task that should only be done by a skilled professional. Don’t believe me? Read on, and I’ll explain what’s wrong with shaping your own brows.

  1. You’re using a mirror. What you’re seeing is the reflection of your face, not your face itself, so what you’re seeing is different than what other people see. Why would alter your appearance if you don’t have a good vantage point?
  2. Your dominant hand always goes for the brow on the opposite side of the face. If you’re right-handed, then you begin with your left brow. I know whether someone is left or right-handed by looking at their eyebrows because they fixate on the opposite brow, and it’s always over-tweezed!
  3. It takes a certain level of skill to create symmetrical eyebrows. I spent years perfecting my technique, because it’s not easy to shape one eyebrow evenly to the other. If you keep plucking in hopes that they’ll even out, you might end up with unnaturally thin eyebrows.
  4. Know where you arch is. I often see women who shape in their arches way too close to the nose, which isn’t where an arch naturally rests. I call this a comma brow, because the brow looks like a comma.
  5. Don’t use a magnifying mirror. No one sees you that close. When you remove little hairs that don’t look like they should be there, it may change the rest of the brow’s appearance. Those little hairs are necessary to the bigger picture.