Your Big Look for Your Big Day

April 5, 2011

Image credit: Nuno Duarte via Flickr

A woman’s wedding day is something she dreams about from the time she’s a little girl up through the big day. So how does she make her skin perfect for such a special day? These tips and tricks will leave a bride-to-be’s skin looking radiant and refreshing.

  • Talk to your beauty consultant: I like to see my clients 4 months in advance so we can establish a good skin regimen and have time to reshape their eyebrows if necessary. The trick to having a perfect brow for your wedding is letting them grow out 3 months in advance. Yes, this can be brutal, but if you let someone clean them up every 3 weeks or so, it is manageable.  By letting them grow out, you can have them shaped perfectly by your wedding – avoiding the horrid drawn on brow scenario.

  • Get your skin in shape: You should keep your skin’s pH balanced by having a good beauty regimen and coming in for peels once a month before your wedding. This can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and will allow your moisturizers to have a more dramatic effect on your skin. I suggest using my moisturizers along with coming in regularly for peels.
  • It’s all about color: Be sure to speak with your consultant a few months early for trial make-up run. I like to meet with my brides so we can decide on the color and shades of her make-up. You should bring in pictures of your bridesmaid dresses and examples of the color scheme so you can match your make up with your wedding. You don’t want to end up with pink flowers and coral make-up. Also, it’s always best to have a trial run with your make-up before the big day so it can be tweaked to your liking.
  • On the day: Always, always, always remember to wear waterproof mascara! You don’t want your make up washing away when you get emotional. And remember to get your lip color from your make-up artist so you can reapply throughout the wedding even when she is gone.
  • Activities before and after the wedding: On a final note, always remember your bridesmaids when pampering yourself. Bring them along one day for peels and a trial make-up run for them before your wedding as a girl’s day out so everyone’s looking good for the wedding. Also, remember your Brazilian for the honeymoon! There’s no shame in surprising your new hubby.

How are you preparing your skin for the big day?


Brides Under the Flash Lights

November 28, 2010

Some of you might remember last year’s post-Halloween photo shoot. This year, I decided to do something even more exciting: a bridal photo shoot! On November 7th, my marketing team and I gathered in my Newbury Street studio for what turned out to be a very fun day. The photographers, Ben and Kyle, moved the place around and took gorgeous pictures with the windows in the background. The superstar of the day was surely my dog Bella, who took a pleasure in posing and adding her charm to all of the pictures.

I created a diversity of bridal looks. Each of them blended with a specific skin type, hair color and suggested different personalities.

  • First, I gave Yelana a natural, fresh and dewy bridal look, which matched her bohemian styled red hair
  • Sydney had a dramatic bridal look, which I achieved with smokey, shimmery eyeshadow and glossy brown lipstick.
  • With Sam I created a bronze toned bridal look to match her dirty blond hair. I used shadows of bronze and gold to create a beautiful sparkly appearance.
  • Finally, Melissa had the bridesmaid look. I emphasized her eyes makeup by making them smokey in the corners and peachy in the insides. To match her eyes, I used a soft orange tone for her lips.

The whole afternoon was a mix of bridal poses and flashing lights that I often interrupted for makeup adjustments, all to the sounds of Mike Snow and Lupe Fiasco‘s electronic music and Shad‘s rap songs.

A big “thank you” to all of those who helped out! Official pictures will soon be available on my website. Until then, check out the behind-the-scene pictures and tell me what your favorite brides look is! Which one would you prefer to be?

Hair Dresser: Nancy V. Brown
Models: Yelana Loiselle, Sydney Epstein, Sam Gold, Melissa Boss.
Photographers: Benjamin Askinas, Kyle Beiermeister.

The Eye of the Beholder

November 11, 2009

Bridal Look

Giving my signature bridal eye look to a model.

(photo credit McKenzie Lawton)

So many places to go, and so many impressions to make! Courtesy 101 dictates that you should look people in the eye when meeting with them. So why not have a stunning look for them to see? Whether you are at an interview or going to a concert, there is a perfect eye look for you.

Finding the perfect eye look isn’t very difficult, the trick is to go with what you like. For the day, you can go with a more natural look. Later, if you’re feeling funky, you could go for a more dramatic eye. I love to do the natural eye with one color, like a burnt red all over the lid, then use black eyeliner on the inside of the bottom lid. That is a big thing for me right now; it’s a great look. Also, if you just want a nice clean look you can go simple eyeliner, mascara, and bright red lipstick: the perfect Marilyn Monroe.

Planning an eye look for you wedding day? I have the PERFECT bridal eye. I start off with a light color on the lid. Then move to a medium-dark color in the crease. Finally, I use a frosty, bone-colored highlighter for under the eyebrow and the corner of the eye.

If you still can’t decide which look you want, feel free come in to my salon for a lesson! I will give you three looks that will work perfectly for you, and I can also teach you my easy, no-fail eyeliner technique for when you are on the go!

The important thing to remember is that you must go with a look that makes you feel gorgeous! Experiment with a few different looks until you find the one that makes you look and feel your very best. What’s your favorite eye look?