Healthy Skin for the Holidays

November 7, 2011

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As any skincare diva knows, healthy skin is a must-have for any look, and as the winter months head our way make sure you not only bundle up, but focus on refreshing your skin with the dry winter weather. Freshly fallen snow is gorgeous- but the weather that comes with it really does a number on your skin. The winter months can make even the softest and most hydrated skin dry and uncomfortable. During these chilly months, I always use Extreme Barrier Cream by Epionce– it works better for dry and itchy skin than anything else I’ve ever tried- I suggest it to clients with the most sensitive skin. Cuddle up to the fire with some delicious hot cocoa and read this advice from yours truly, Robin Erb!

One of my favorite products is our own home-made Robin Erb oil smooth-over. The combination of essential oils, natural herbs, and Vitamin E will not only keep your skin healthy and fresh, but also smells amazing! It always leaves my skin feeling refreshed. In addition to healing your dry skin, my exclusive smooth-over also helps hide those sneaky signs of aging like dark under-eye circles and wrinkles. Now you can stay up for New Years and look surprisingly refreshed the next morning!

Another thing that is hard to hide in the winter (aside from Christmas presents) are those bumps on the back of your arms. So many women have this but don’t do anything about it because they don’t know how easy it is to fix. There’s a small, fool-proof solution to this common problem that’s big in name and results; Kerotosis Pilaris lotion. It works wonders and my spa guests adore it! So come visit me, follow my twitter @RobinErb, and get glamorous just in time for he holiday season!


All About Aromatherapy

July 20, 2011

Lately, I’ve been really into relaxation and the different effects scents can have on us. Aromatherapy is great because it uses essential oils from plants to benefit the human mind, body, and spirit.

Bath & Body Works has a really yummy body wash that’s inexpensive and smells amazing! It’s called Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief body lotion. The eucalyptus and spearmint scent is clean, invigorating, and kind of gives me a boost. It’s also really hydrating! Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line is really nice and I recommend it.

There’s this amazing French line called Darphin that has a great Organic Aromatic Care line. It’s a little pricey but has amazing results. Right now I’m using the Organic Jasmine Aromatic Care and it is amazing. They also have Organic Rose Aromatic Care, which is really good for sensitive skin, and the 8-Flower Aromatic Care is really yummy. The Organic Tangerine Aromatic Care works really well to brighten skin. I make my own line of skin oils similar to these, but Darphin is nice if you can’t come to me. I love these oils though; they’re very yummy!

When applying an aromatic care product, apply 5 drops of oil to the face and neck with circular motions from the inner to the outer part of the face. Then follow with the appropriate cream or fluid.

My other favorite hydrating product is the High Shine Hydrating Gloss Stick. It’s produced by Jemma Kidd, a makeup artist who started her own small line! The gloss is in lipstick form and is SPF 15, which is great for the sun in the summer! My favorite shade is Paradise, a beautiful sheer, apricot color.

I also have two new eyeshadows everybody should try! They’re Rule and Coppering by MAC. Rule looks bright orange, but when it’s applied to the lid it’s a burnt apricot shade. It looks really cool and definitely makes the eyes pop! My favorite thing to do with Coppering is put it on top of and under my lid and smudge it, it gives it a really cool look.

Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Tint Balm is great because it gives the skin a nice dewy look, and L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara is great because it makes the lashes look so long and beautiful. These two are always on my favorites list. Go check them out if you haven’t already!

Spring Awakening

April 5, 2010

Get ready for spring with Robin!

Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. The planet is rejuvenating itself, so why not take this time to rejuvinate yourself, too? Here are some important things to remember to get energized for a new season and a new you:

Fresh Air and Sun

We’re all tired from being locked inside from the winter drag; it’s time to get out and catch some rays. I would absolutely love to take a vacation to somewhere tropical, like the Caribbean! If a tropical vacation isn’t exactly in your budget, no worries. Take a walk on a sunny day to get your recommended dose of Vitamin D. Always remember to use lotion with an SPF — I recommend Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock which comes in SPFs 55, 70, and 85. The higher the SPF, the better, but use at least SPF 15 to keep your skin healthy and youthful. While getting out in the sun is important, don’t bake yourself while you’re out there. Whether you use sunscreen or not, too much sun causes damage to skin cells.

Detox Your Body

Many of us — myself included — definitely went into hibernation mode and ate more than we should have during the winter. Overeating and lack of fresh air leads to toxin build up in our bodies. Toxins like Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) can overstimulate oil producing glands, resulting in clogged pores and (brace yourself) pimples. Too much DHT from an unhealthy diet may also lead to hair loss. Drink plenty of water to flush all of the bad toxins out of your body.  This prevents skin breakouts that will often occur during our seasonal weather change.

Refresh Your Skin

Get a skin peel to get rid of that layer of winter skin. At my salon I use a blueberry based detoxifying treatment to remove the bad skin. Supplement your diet with antioxidant-rich foods to help your skin from the inside out, too. Blueberries and acai berries are packed with amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, and most importantly, antioxidants. With enough antioxidants in your diet—and on your face—you can help prevent and reverse the skin aging process.

Get Moving:

Exercise is important all year round, but burning off that winter poundage takes a little extra effort. As I said earlier, it’s important to go outside in the sun; what better way to do that than going for a jog or walk in the park? If the weather does not cooperate, there’s still no excuse not to take your workout indoors. I love work out routines on demand. They have many different works outs: Pilates, kickboxing, cardio, body toning, whatever tickles your fancy.  It’s right there at your home, no equipment needed.

Dazzling Lipgloss:

As for some new color in your makeup, try a peach or melon color. It looks good on everyone, regardless of skin tone. A simple lipgloss, like MAC Dazzleglass in Roman Holiday is a perfect springtime shade. It has a great shimmer with a hint of gold that will look great in the shining sun.

Do you have a favorite springtime routine or beauty tip? Share it with me here!

The Doctor Is In

March 29, 2010

Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream

I am in the business of making people look good, which means every day, I try to teach my clients how they can improve their skin care routine. This teaching, however, is not always a one-way street. Every now and then a client comes to me with a product that just blows me away, which is exactly how I discovered Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream. She raved about how it gave her an incredibly natural glow and how wonderful it felt on her sensitive dry skin, especially during these cold months.

I’m always on the lookout for the best new skin care products, so I just had to run out and buy a container for myself. To put things simply, I love it! The cream goes on translucent, and gives me a nice healthy glow. The wheat germ oil makes my skin look and feel hydrated from the second I put it on. The lotion lasts all day, doesn’t come off on your clothes, and doesn’t cake. It evens out skin tone naturally, so skip the heavy foundation, too!

This product is great for dry, winter months, but it’s also a great moisturizer for the spring and summer. Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream gives your skin a little bit of a tint, which means you can do your skin a favor and skip tanning. If you do slip up and get burnt, it also has soothing properties that calms red, irritated skin.

This cream goes on so lightly that you may not feel it, but you won’t forget the delicious natural scent that accompanies it; the aroma of the quince seed extract, beeswax, and rose petal wax make for a unique smell. Much like my own products, it is made with lots of natural oils that rehydrate the skin and keep your skin looking even, toned, and radiant all day long.

Without my client, I never would have discovered this wonderful product, and I love hearing about new ways to look gorgeous. What skin care products would you recommend to me?

Look At Me Lashes – How to Choose the Best Mascara

March 24, 2010

Credit: Lauren Gaba

As many of you already know, I’m all about lash extensions. They are individual tube extensions that create beautiful, long, voluptuous lashes for 4 weeks. However, not everyone has the time to spend maintaining this look. So, for all of you out there with natural lashes, here is how to get that soft, glamorous lash look without extensions.

When it comes to mascara, the formula doesn’t really matter – it’s all about the wand. It’s what shapes your eyelashes and really makes the look. People seem to think that really fat, big brushes work best for lashes, but the opposite is true – they don’t work at all. When it comes to mascara wands, find brushes that are sparser and the more comb-like the brush is, the more evenly your mascara will coat with less clumping.

Of all of the mascaras on the market today, these are the ones I have tried and approve:

Overall, I have just found that L’oreal’s mascaras are the best, so first is L’oreal’s Telescopic Mascara which comes in both Original and Carbon Black. It makes lashes ultra-long with an odd tip at the end of the mascara wand. I especially recommend the Carbon Black because its brush is smaller, but if you get the Original, go with the Blackest Black color. If you want really long and really voluminous lashes, layer Telescopic over L’Oreal’s Voluminous.

I’ve also been trying out L’Oreal’s Telescopic Explosion and that works great too. It has a ball on the tip of the wand that helps make your lashes extra long.

Maybeline’s Lash Stylist has been discontinued, but it is still available online. The comb brush is perfect for creating long lashes without clumping. I recommend buying a tube online, and once you run out, clean off the wand and reuse it in another tube of your favorite mascara. That way you can use the formula you like with the wand that works.

If you want something a bit edgier than your drug store’s selection, Bourjois’ Volume Clubbing Mascara is great for creating those sexy, voluminous lashes you’ve always wanted with a hip look. It’s a bigger sized brush for that added volume with fewer bristles. I haven’t been able to find this product in stores, but it is available online.

Before you go out and buy yourself some new mascara based on my recommendations, here are some of my tips to making sure you get the best lashes possible:

  • No matter what your hair color is, always go with the blackest black mascara you can find! It will accentuate your eyes the most. Don’t buy brown mascara.
  • Don’t bother with lash curlers; they can pull out your lashes. Instead, what I recommend is placing your finger underneath your eyelashes right after mascara application for a few seconds while lifting up to create a nice curl.
  • Layer your mascara while it’s still wet. That way there is no clumping and you get those perfect lashes you’ve always been looking for.
  • Those new vibrating mascaras on the market are just gimmicks. Don’t bother to spend your time or money on them.

I hope my mascara recommendations, tips and tricks were helpful. Any rave reviews on the mascara you’re using right now?

Hello world!

June 10, 2009

Welcome to the new Robin Erb Skincare blog! This blog will feature the latest Skin Deep Med Spa promotions, as well as industry news and beauty tips. Please feel free to leave comments! We are looking forward to many online conversations.

The Robin Erb Skincare Team