Spring In To Color

Credit: *Debs* via Flickr

Yellow eyeshadow? Work it with Robin's tips.

Now that it’s April, it’s time to jump into bright spring colors like shocking pink, lime green, and electric blue. According to spring 2010 fashion trends, these wonderful Easter egg colors are hot on the runway, and will definitely be adorable to wear on sunny spring days.

I love color, and I’m always excited about working colors other than the usual grays and browns into makeup, but when working with color it’s always important to do it right so you won’t end up looking like a clown. Here’s the Robin Erb guide to staying cute with color:

  • When looking for a bright colored eyeshadow, go for Loreal’s HiP Studio Secrets Proffesional Shocking Shadow Pigments. These shadows create beautiful, rich color with loose powder and come in 12 eye-popping shades. The bright colors look wonderful and stay on forever. White and gold tones can be used as highlighters to go under eyebrows and on top of cheek bones to really make bright eyeshadows pop!
  • Use peaches, pinks, and coral blushes on your cheeks as well as your eyes along with sheer colored lip gloss for a polished but playful spring look.
  • Wearing black eyeliner (not too much) on the inside of your eyes with dark mascara will let you get away with any bright color.
  • When you’ve already got a bright eyeshadow on, just do sheer gloss with a little tint of pink or peach on your lips. Or you could go for a matte lipstick in nude, peach or pink. I love Revlon’s Matte Lipsticks in Pink Pout and Nude Attitude.

Try some of these tips out and tell me what you think! Better yet, let me know how you wear these fun, spring colors.


One Response to Spring In To Color

  1. Christine says:

    Great post!! Very useful, I really had no idea…

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