Winter Months Mean Time for Vacation: Get Ready with a Brazilian

Afraid to wax? Don’t be!

As the weather gets colder and we are all thinking about our next fabulous vacation, remember: it all starts with a great wax. Although the word Brazilian brings immediate thoughts of pain, panic, and possibly passing out, relax!

When you have done anything for a long enough time you learn tricks of the trade, and I have learned quite a few that truly limit the pain of the experience. In fact, many of my clients tell me that it barely hurts!

In five to ten minutes you can be completely bare and ready for fun. I use a soy-based wax that, along with some great conversation, eliminates a lot of the pain associated with waxing.

I recommend waxing in the winter months every four to five weeks. It is important to continue waxing even if it is not bikini season because continued waxing allows the hair follicles to stay small. That way the hair grows back in smooth and thinner.

This is also why you should never shave. Every time you shave, your hair follicles come in thick, hard, itchy and bumpy; never a good thing. To prevent ingrown hairs, use a hand loofah in a circular motion between waxing.

Remember, the snow hitting the ground does not mean you get a break from waxing. Keeping up with your Brazilians will keep you looking fabulous on your vacations and help make your summer waxes less painful.


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