My Sister’s Up-Keeper

Christian (Right) and her band Bad Girlfriend, looking glam and stage-ready!

I love doing makeup, and I also love music, especially when it is my sister playing! That’s right, my sister Christian is in two bands, and sometimes as a special treat (for both of us) I get to do her makeup! The most important thing I have to remember about doing makeup for the stage is that it has to be long lasting and visible from far away, so all her fans can see her.

For visibility, high pigment is key; I like to use bright colors. I also love to use shimmery makeup for the lights to pick up on. A little bit of shimmer on the brow or on the cheek looks really nice. I also love using Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara because it is long lasting. It is great for playing on the stage and dancing around in the audience.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. I was recently talking to my sister before she left for a tour of the UK with Cass McCombs, and we talked about her favorite stage looks (done, of course, by Yours Truly). She loves when I work on her eyebrows. She has even told me that whether someone has “thin eyebrows or thick eyebrows [I can make them] look amazing.” To top it off, we have the same style, so whenever I do Christian’s makeup she gives me the freedom to do what I think will look best.

Christian loves my eyebrow work and the shimmering makeup, but my skincare secrets are still her favorite. She explained that good skincare is essential before applying makeup. So, if you aspire to become a great musician like my sister, stop by Skin Deep Med Spa for makeup and skincare tips before you hit the stage.


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