Fall into Autumn with Beautiful Skin

Fall Beauty

Photo by live-showtime via Flickr

Just as summer leaves begin to turn stunning shades of ruby and umber, your skin regime must also turn over a new leaf. Changes in skincare should happen with every seasonal shift, but it is most important to switch up your routine going into fall. The summer months leave our skin dry, dull, and prone to breakouts. Deciding what changes to make, however, can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, Robin Erb Skincare has formed the perfect in salon and at- home regime to jump start your healthy complexion for the fall.

For the salon I have designed a signature fall treatment that removes the summer layers of dead skin, balances the skin’s pH level, and replenishes stolen moisture. The product used to remove the dead skin will leave you looking better than when you walked in. Absolutely no redness or peeling. After new skin is revealed a scrumptiously delicious pumpkin peel is used to moisturize your skin and give it that youthful glow.

Once you have gone home, maintain your skin’s new vibrancy by using a mild cleanser that contains no harsh acids. Use a mild, non-acidic moisturizer, and apply it like you would a mask to maximize replenishment. Making any change in your skincare routine can be tough, so if you have any questions or thoughts do not hesitate to ask!


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